Schmitz Cargobull Dry Freight Box with Rollerbed

Schmitz Cargobull Dry Freight Box with Rollerbed

🚨 New Schmitz Cargobull Dry Freight Boxes with rollerbed *IN STOCK & READY TO GO🚨

Rollerbeds are suitable for

♦️Transport companies that provide air cargo Road Feeder Services. i.e. drive air cargo from airport to airport, store and handle air cargo containers.

♦️Large fleet owners that load and unload large volumes of standard pallets without forklifts or pallet trucks entering into the trailers. Examples are:

– Transport of pallets from buildings without dock levellers

– Transport of pallets in (expensive) reefer trailers. Owners want to avoid forklifts entering the trailers.

♦️Any fleet owner that has the vision to break with traditional loading and unloading; i.e. no forklifts or pallet trucks but just roll in and secure your load.

♦️This built-in rollerbed system is the perfect solution for those who are seeking a quicker and more effective way of loading air cargo ULD and PMC pallets.