Emergency Breakdown Service at Shaw Commercials

​At Shaw Commercials we offer emergency breakdown  24 X 7 Recovery

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Our large fleet of breakdown service vehicles and team of highly trained technicians keep you on the road by providing an efficient service 24/7. Our breakdown vehicles are equipped with on-board diagnostics to assist with tracing problems and a range of parts designed to tackle most common roadside issues.
We recognise the demanding environment in which commercial vehicles operate today and offer a range of support services designed to meet that challenge, allowing you to concentrate on your business.
As vehicles and specifications become more complex and technical Shaw Commercials continue to invest in people, technology and equipment through which we offer a dedicated service, ensuring efficient and cost effective maintenance and repair of vehicles to suit both your budget and your timescale.

Our Specialist Services include:


We now offer a 24/7 electrical service on site, at our premises and of course at the Roadside. For all types of electrical repairs, fitting of in-cab accessories, trackers, fridges, light bars etc.


Following further investment in vehicle diagnostics, technology we are able to offer electronic diagnostic services on most makes and models of trucks and vans.


Utilising the latest in computerised Brake Testing equipment we can offer while you wait Brake Safety Tests to ensure your vehicle is meeting the required standard of braking efficiency.

In addition to all the usual workshop services you would expect,  our workshop offer:

♦24/7 Emergency Breakdown and Recovery
♦Renault Trained and Approved Technicians
♦Computerised Brake Roller Testing
♦Tachograph Centre
♦Repair & Maintenance Agreements for In-service and New Vehicles
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