Comprehensive stock of Renault approved Genuine Parts is available at Shaw Commercials.

Approved dealer of genuine Renault replacement parts. The “Approved Parts” label symbolises our commitment to the reliability, safety, and durability of our spare parts.

Parts designed and approved for Renault Trucks vehicles to a specification complying with strict criteria in terms of reliability, safety and environmental standards. Our parts fit perfectly in your vehicle.

Our parts maintain the original performance of your vehicle to meet your requirements: mobility, reliability and safety.

  • Characteristics defined by the manufacturer
  • Controlled maintenance costs
  • An international one-year warranty across the Renault Trucks network
  • Excellent logistics to ensure availability and prompt delivery of parts
  • A competent global network.

We offer an extensive range of Service Exchange Parts to quality approved standards ensuring original equipment standards of manufacturing.

In addition to the Renault Parts available we also stock an extensive range of Trailer and all makes parts to compliment key activities. All our parts are available to keep your vehicles running 24 hours a day.